Who needs it

Who needs it ?

Everybody needs it ! Those who deny it are just not recognizing their semi-conscious motivation for their actions.

All companies experiencing morale problems almost always do not have effective means to communicate sincere expressions appreciation for an individual employee’s contribution! Very few employees perform at their highest efficiency without having assurance of their personal value to the organization.

Positive Behavioral change is dependent on meeting individual psychic needs and positive reinforcement. Compensation covers physical needs, Points programs are focused on achievement of objectives, where as Symbolic Recognition supports behavior required in achieving successful outcomes by meeting an individual’s basic need to belong, be valued, and appreciated for their unique contributions.  

Types of Recognition:

  • – Individual Achievement
  • – Years of Service
  • – Peer to Peer
  • – Over The Top
  • – Community
  • – Customer
  • – Events & Sponsorships