What we do

8 Unique Deliverables…

8 Benefits managing a successful Employee Engagement/Recognition Solution (BRAVO):

  • Company/Plant Assessment.
  • Gestures…Supervisor Training in Identifying exemplary behavior, and presenting awards (Gestures).
  • Design custom symbolic awards to fit culture and values of company.
  • Progress Measurements: Identify, digitally track, and communicate progress, within divisions, plants, and departments, with appropriate comparisons to equivalent entities within the company or industry.
  • Communications to participants, family, and all appropriate supervisors.
  • Communications to community, including News Releases.
  • Timely News Publications dealing entirely with what recognizes, interests and involves employees…no “slick copy” or company propaganda Incorporation of a Timely Newsletter that keeps the employees engaged by mixing “corporate business” with topical news of interest to and about the employees.
  • Regularly scheduled teleconferences to adjust, modify, improve and evolve “BRAVO” as conditions change within your organization.